Hiatus Announcement

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Life comes at you fast... For reasons related to both positive and negative life events, the business model in which Breakneck Books currently operates will soon undergo significant changes. Beginning October 1, 2022, Breakneck Books' warehouse will no longer operate as a bulk sorting facility and we will no longer be participating in flea market pop-ups. My original plan of renting a warehouse space as a way to help work towards turning this side hustle into a full time career will be put on hold. Breakneck Books will be returning to a sole proprietor operation where significantly less time will be spent sourcing new inventory. Far less inventory will be readily available for purchase and the business' presence on social media will be few and far between.


Breakneck Books has always operated as a part-time operation for me. I want to give thanks specifically to Claire, Breakneck Books' first and only employee up until this point. Throughout this last year, Claire has taken on the responsibility of processing gaylord inventory for online sale so that I can continue to focus my effort towards my full-time employment. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that significantly more time is required of me to make Breakneck Books a self-sustaining full-time operation. For the time being, I have decided to make the very difficult decision to step away from pursuing book selling as a realistic career path.


SOME GOOD NEWS! We are working on processing as much inventory as possible to sell at a HUGE September Book Sale which will take place from Thursday, September 8th - Sunday, September 11th. Our September sale will run exactly the same as our past book sales and will offer more available inventory than ever before! We will also be hosting a PREMIUM INVENTORY SALE, an in-person sale event featuring the inventory reserved for sale on our online storefronts (inventory that has not been made available in person until now). The date for the Premium Inventory Sale is still being worked out. Finally, we will soon be phasing out the way that Mystery Boxes are offered for purchase. Instead of being readily available, we will be releasing a set quantity of Mystery Boxes through Book Drop social media events which will take place randomly throughout the year. 


I wanted to share that the support that has been shown by customers locally and across the nation, as well as by our numerous partnering agencies, has continued to motivate me to turn my passion of rehoming previously loved books into a sustainable business. Thank you for allowing Breakneck Books to be a part of your life for these past 3 years.


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Thank you for taking a moment to read this.

Be well,