There's no such thing as too many books!


We process large used book containers to collect titles for sale on Oftentimes, we come across books that do not meet our minimum requirements for sale on the platform. In the past, these books would be recycled at a local paper recycling company. However, instead of dropping these titles off to be recycled, we started selling them as MYSTERY BOOK BOXES at a rate that is based on the weight of the box. In other words, we sell books by the pound.

Books can be purchased in increments of 5 pounds starting at a minimum of 5lbs and maximum of 25lbs. All prices include FREE SHIPPING with our cost to ship your books being automatically incorporated in the price of your order. You have the option to tell us to fill your mystery box with a specific genre, a mix of genres, or we can send you a completely random assortment for extra excitement!

Our hope is that you will come across a title that you love that you may not have otherwise purchased on its own - broadening your bibliographic horizons! 

By purchasing a bulk mystery box, you help perpetuate the cyclical lifespan of these used books by keeping them out of recycling facilities and giving them a loving home to be enjoyed for longer.


If you have any questions or for local delivery in Rochester, NY - email us at


Thank you for your interest!





Breakneck Books

Rochester, NY